Serena & Brendan

When a client comes to you asking for a spring wedding in the middle of December, you do not want to disappoint. Serena noted her love of "blush + eucalyptus warm weather weddings aesthetics" and made a particular point that she did not want anything Christmas themed about their day. No problem! We chose soft, yet stunning blush, peach, and cream shades to keep this wedding feeling like spring (though not completely out of place in December!)

At times, we get the impression that winter wedding dates are often not selected due to the darker color schemes that typically come with the colder weather. Whyyyy? Winter weddings can be incredibly dreamy, soft, warm, light, and bright!

Bonus: wedding venues and other vendors are typically more affordable during the winter months. Friends and family are often more readily available to travel near the holidays. And who really cares what Pinterest tries to tell you about a winter color scheme? We think a soft, warm, spring color palette in the middle of December is genius!

Photography by Betty Globa Photography

Floral Designs by Petal + Vine